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01:08am 18/08/2004
theninjaacademy Help ninjas take over the world.

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03:16am 11/08/2004



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04:02am 06/07/2004
  Hi, I just wanted everyone to read this, and maybe pass it along to other martial arts groups. Thank you very much, and comments are welcome, although preferably on the journal it's posted on. Thanks :D


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10:29pm 04/07/2004
  im the sexiest ninja ever....and im the leader of my own ninja crew....http://www.yorkshireninjakru.cjb.net/  

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Secret ninja colorbar attack 
04:27pm 13/03/2004
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Ninja Love.

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10:59am 10/08/2003
  my ninja j pics... www.geocities.com/prettylittlemess/jenn.html  

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11:34am 04/07/2003
  C'est moi!

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You know that.

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HIIIIIII-YAAA! first post, ninjas! 
04:12pm 03/07/2003
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hey! my name's carm and im a pisces/aries sexy ninja from baltimore. i started this for pure fun, so we don't want any petty drama in this journal! or you'll see me bust a few ninja moves. anyway, heres some pictures of my ninja garb! keep it chill, ninjas

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ok, so remember the rules... use lj-cut when you post pictures! if you dont know how to go here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=6

alrighty! theres not much more i can say except... I CAN'T FUCKING DESIGN THIS FOR SHIT! I NEED TASCHIE! but, im gonna get it sooner or later... and... when its all finished i'll IM everyone.. and you can tell every DAMN soul you know about it! :D

-carm tomas, your sexy ninja clan community maintainer, or simply: ninja C :D

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