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Sexy Ninja Clan

SNC 0wnz You

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For those of us who can kick ass and manage to be good looking ninjas at the same time.

1. You must be a ninja spiritually and physically to join.
2. ONLY stamped members can post comments.
3. To be accepted, you have to post three(3)+ pictures of yourself in a ninja mask(go to: http://www.houseofninja.com/lessons.php for lessons on putting on your ninja mask, incase you don't know)
4. Out of your pictures, three (3) must include you with a ninja stance, your weapon of choice (be origonal) and another of you giving the cam *the finger*
5. Don't give us links instead of pictures, if you're a ninja.. i'm sure you can manage to post pictures.
6. USE LJ CUT WHEN POSTING PICTURES! If you don't, remember you're dealing with a group of sexy trained ninjas.
7. Don't diss your fellow (already accepted) sexy ninjas. The last thing we need is for this community to have drama.
8. Majority rule will determine whether or not you're accepted
9. If you happen to not get voted into the clan, don't take it seriously.
10. If any harASSing is done to another member outside (or inside) of the community, you'll be banned.
11. If you are not stamped, you may ONLY post comments in YOUR entry to get in.

Stay sexy and kick ass! This is all fun!

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